August 2012 Goals Update

Time to report in and let you know how I did on my goals for the month of August!  I’ll keep it as short as possible this time.  For the long version (I posted in July), you can click here.  I do wish I would have made more progress on these goals this month, but I honestly can say that I did the best I could, I worked hard.  But between homeschooling and having 3 little ones, I just couldn’t get it all done.

August updates are in bold and in parenthesis.

Finish reading through the KJV Bible by the end of November.  (I’m on target with this goal!  This is only the second time ever that I’ve completed reading the Bible cover to cover, I know a family who has done it over 13 times, I’m inspired to try and catch up with them)!

Read at least one book per month.  (For August, I finished SEVEN books!  See below for brief reviews! Check out My Book List for more books I’ve read.  So far for 2012, I’ve read 28 books)!

Record 1,000 gifts this year (a thankfulness list)- Keeping a list of His love for me.  (I’m on number 1,273!)

Bible reading with children- Continue 1 excerpt from Matthew per day at breakfast, 1 excerpt from Proverbs at lunch, 1 excerpt from Genesis at dinner, Memory Verses, and Bible Story Book during homeschooling time.  (On target with this!  My five year old has been grasping so many Biblical concepts lately, it’s amazing.  He’ll remember stuff we’ve read and bring it up and we’ll have the most precious conversation).

Pray for the entire world with children in a year using online calendar- one country at a time.  (We’re on target with this, we’re in countries that start with an ‘M’ now).

Make homemade laundry soap for the fun of it.   (Did this again this month!)

Email account de-cluttered and then maintained that way.  (I’ve made a lot of progress with this.  I’ve kept my inbox pretty cleared but now need to go back and sort through emails I’ve marked to come back to for one reason or another- they’re steadily decreasing!)

Home Improvement Projects- Replace faucets in master bathroom (they are not in good condition- waiting for a good, clearance deal).  Repaint baseboards and trim in house (Wonder if we can get the in-laws to help when they visit this fall??)  Sell front living room furniture and convert the room into a homeschool room (Done!)  Get rid of conventional mattress in guest bedroom.  (Done!)

Have an awesome marriage.  (Read marriage books, have monthly date nights, do at least one special/ nice thing each month for my husband).  (Ongoing, and doing well!  May I just say… my husband is seriously the best Dad ever to our children.  I used to always have the house clean and dinner ready when he got home from work, but since baby #3, I haven’t been getting everything done each day.  You know what hubby does… he comes home and plays with the little ones, starts helping with dinner, and then cleans up after dinner. He does so much for our family, he puts family first, and always has our best interest at heart.  He’s seriously awesome!!)

Just last month, I added three more goals.
Do one sort of healthy detox (detoxification) per month.  (Uh oh, didn’t get this done for August).

Write at least one of my children a special letter each month.  (Done).

Have someone over/ show hospitality at least once per month.  (Did three for July, but didn’t get around to it in August.  Well actually, we didn’t have anyone over but I did deliver two meals in August, guess that kind of counts towards this goal.  Oh, just remembered, I did also host one playgroup).

Complete my 30 day exercise challenge.  (I did pretty well at this!  Got in all my aerobics/ walking.  Got in most all of my push-up goal and did about 75% of my abdominal exercises goal.  I would have loved to do a tad better, but not too shabby considering my life stage right now).  🙂

New Goal I Added for August:  Get fixed up (including curling my hair) at least once per week for my hubby!  I’m a mom of three little ones… getting fixed up is something I only do on Sunday’s.  (Totally bombed this one.  I pretty much wore a pony-tail every single day.  It takes serious effort to make this a priority.  I have a hair appointment for September so that’ll help me get motivated again).

Books I Read In August:

Before I list my books, let me just say… I was totally inspired that Money Saving Mom has read SEVENTY FIVE books so far this year.  I’m motivated to read even more!  That’s awesome!

The 10 Second Rule:  Just do the next thing you’re reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do.- A super easy read.  Great book!  I loved the concept of “Just do it.”  If you’re not sure you should walk up and witness to someone, just do it.  As long as it’s not a sin, go for it!  Of course, this doesn’t apply to big decisions like who to marry, what job to take, etc- there’s wisdom in the multitude of counsel.  But for the little things each day that can bring glory to Christ, go for it!

The Five Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Campbell- I enjoyed getting reminded of what the five love languages are and how to apply them.  Some of the rest of the book was fluff, but still worth my time.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast
by Vanderkam- I read this by MoneySavingMom’s recommendation.  I did pull a few nuggets out of this book, but there was some things in there I didn’t agree with on a Biblical basis, I actually don’t recommend the book.  The good thing I got from it was that if you rise early, you can jump start your day and not let the urgent (housecleaning, email responses, etc) drown out the important (Bible reading, exercise, etc).

Raising Real Men
by Young & Young- A bit simplistic (I think I was expecting something profound), but tons of little nuggets dispersed throughout that got my gears turning on things I can do to raise Godly young men!  Definitely worth my time!

The Answer Book:  A Helpbook for Christians by Gipp- This book was explaining the reasons why the KJV is the perfect Word of God Himself.  Although I don’t like having the “version” discussion with other Christians (because we’re all on the same team, right?), I did think to myself, ‘Amen, amen, and amen’ on many of his points.  If you’ve never looked into Bible versions and which one you should be using, it’s worth researching!

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
by Ham & Ham- I have Ken Ham’s DVD by the same title, but the book was totally different.  I found it really neat how the Ham father left such a neat legacy, passed down to his children.  It leaves parents with a vision on why we need to leave a solid Godly legacy to our children (regular Bible reading in the home, guarding your children’s hearts, being the one responsible for your child’s education, the dangers in allowing compromise of the Bible, dangers of secular influences, etc).  I do wish more parents would read this book and catch the vision!!

Love Does
by Goff.  This was a funny, easy-to-read book!  I was seriously cracking up quite a few times in this book!  Not the most profound book I’ve ever read and I do disagree with him on a couple of things, but in the end, his message gripped my heart.  Love DOES things, you don’t sit around and talk about it, you DO love… you start a school in Uganda, you forgive an old lady that plowed into your jeep, you invest deeply into your children, you don’t value material things more than you value Jesus.


2 thoughts on “August 2012 Goals Update

  1. You’re doing VERY well with your goals. I’m very proud of you. And guess what? You were very hospitible. You had Melanie & I over to play in the back yard. And you gave us water to drink. Thank you for your hospitality. HA! 🙂

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