Treasures In Heaven

Another great conversation with my children…

We were reading in Matthew and read the verses about laying up your treasures in Heaven, and not on earth where moth and rust destroys.  And then “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  We talked about how our toys and all our “stuff” are going to rust and go in a landfill one day, and won’t be worth ANYTHING.”  Brand new high dollar computers and phones and even houses and cars… won’t be worth ANYTHING.  On the contrary, what we do here on earth for God will count for all eternity and will be a true treasure in Heaven.

So I asked the young’uns, “What kinds of things are treasures in Heaven?”  Here’s what we came up with:
-Telling others about Jesus so they can come to Heaven also
-Continuing to learn more about God everyday through reading the Words He had written down for us
-Praying to God:  Praying for others, praying for His will in our lives, etc
-Giving Him our praise and adoration, to Him only and no one/ nothing else
-Giving generously to others in need:  those near us and those around the world
-Thanking Him continually for all He does for us
-Demonstrating the Fruits of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance
-Loving God with our whole heart, all our mind, all our strength, and all of our soul
-Loving others as ourselves
-Following/ Living out God’s commands in the Bible
-Letting our light shine so others can see God and His greatness

Then we talked about what kinds of things can be temptations to make treasures on earth:
-Toys (haha, top of the child’s list)
-All our things and our stuff
-Wanting to do what we want instead of what God wants
-Keeping our money and time all to ourselves
(I’ll add some more here)…
-Internet (ahem)
-Caring what others think
-Our hobbies
-Things that consume a large part of our money
-Things that consume a large part of our time
-Anything that we love more than we love God

What other things can you and your children think of that are treasures in Heaven or treasures on earth??  Makes for a sweet little family lesson time!


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