Need Some Quiet Time?

Blanket Time!

I learned this from Michelle Duggar and it has been such a help to me!

It’s called Blanket Time.  Here’s how it works:
1.  Tell your children it’s “Blanket Time” and let them pick out 3-5 books and take them back to their own small blanket on the floor.
2.  Set a timer and let your child know they are not to make any noises until the timer goes off.  Now you may read or do whatever it is that you need to get done.
3.  When the timer goes off, they have to put away their books and their blanket and then Blanket Time is all finished.

The first time you do this, you’ll need to remember:
1.  Explain the whole process to them and tell them they are not allowed to talk or make noises.
2.  You sit nearby (you may have to do this for about the first three times).  Every single time one of your children talks or makes noise or moves off his/ her blanket, you must correct them and tell them again that they have to stay on the blanket and stay quiet.  Calmly keep reminding them.
3.  The first time you do this, just set the timer for maybe two minutes.  The next time make it three minutes, and so on.  I had my children up to 30 minutes after maybe about 4-5 times!

When to Use Blanket Time:
1.  When everyone has gotten excessively loud and quiet time is needed.
2.  I often use it just before Dada gets home.  I’m working super fast to try and finish dinner and I want them to be calm when Dada walks in the door.
3.  This is where it pays to train at home!  You can use blanket time when you have to go somewhere like a baby shower or an appointment.  Just take along a small blanket and a few books.  People will be amazed at how well-behaved your children are!

And don’t feel bad that you’re “making your children sit quietly,” it’s a good thing, it’s good for them!


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