A Precious Discussion Around the Table In Our Home

In our home we read a small excerpt from the Bible at each meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner (most days).  These often turn into the neatest little lessons and discussions.  It about brings me to tears thinking of the precious things I’ve talked with my children about around the table.

Today we were in Matthew and only read two verses.  We read how the way leading to destruction is wide and broad and many will go there.  The way to life is strait and the gate is narrow.

I proceeded to tell them that many people, even ones that say they are “Christians” take the wide, broad path.  But not as many people take the narrow way, the way that actually leads to Heaven.  We’ve talked about Heaven before so they know that it has streets made of pure gold and mansions and everything perfect and beautiful.

My nearly 5-year-old asked if Jesus will come get us and if we’ll float up to the sky.  I said, “Yes, Jesus is coming back one of these days to gather His people together, the people that have Jesus in their heart.”

I asked him “Do you want Jesus to take you to Heaven?”  With a little bit of hurt in his voice he said, “Only if you’re going to be there.”  Sweetest little thing to say!

My response?  “You BETCHA I’ll be there!  I’ll SO be there!”

So we talked more about what Heaven will be like and what you have to do to go there.

Then He asked “Did God make Heaven?”  “YES, God did make Heaven, and He made earth, He made everything.  It’s all His.  He owns everything.”  Then my child asked, “He owns our house and our toys?”  “Yep, He owns it all!  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills…”  He interrupts me to sing Johnny Flanagan’s bluegrass song, “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and all the birds that sing.”  (input bluegrass twang here!)  🙂

Hardly anything more precious than these thoughtful discussions at our kitchen table!

By the way, we haven’t always been in the habit of reading our Bible at the table.  But after reading an article by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies, I was inspired to start.  We started last fall and just recently finished up Psalms, my boys have heard the entire book of Psalms read to them!  Yipee!  It has been an awesome blessing to have this Bible meal time!  I think I thought it would be hard too implement- you know the whole trying to eat while talking/ reading thing.  But you know, it brings more calmness and peace to our meal time (that otherwise is actually quite hectic since everyone tries to talk, and someone needs some salt, and someone needs a napkin towel, and everything else).  I now see the BLESSING of having a PEACEFUL meal time where everyone is relaxed and not stressed, calm and not hyper.  🙂


5 thoughts on “A Precious Discussion Around the Table In Our Home

  1. Check out Notgrass…my little ones read tons of excerpts from the 4 Gospels all surrounding Jesus’ life on earth, His death, burial and ressurection. It was awesome!

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