Wool Bed/ Mattress Review

Edit:  Please read all the comments to this post.  There are quite a few bad reviews now about the quality of this product.

Below is a thorough review of The Wool Bed Company (surroundewe.com) and their wool products that we purchased.  I have no affiliation with this company at all, I’m simply a customer who has purchased some of their products.

After spending much time on their website, I called the company and asked a few more detailed questions.  I looked for some reviews on the internet but couldn’t really find any except ones that were on their own website, I wanted to read some independent reviews.  And because I couldn’t see, touch, or lay on this mattress before buying it, I felt even more hesitant.  Nevertheless, we checked our debit Mastercard buyer’s guarantee and decided to go ahead and placed our first order.  (A year later we ordered two more twin mattresses.  A couple of years later and we ordered two more twin “mattresses” but they were not the same and we had to return them).

Edit:  Before I proceed, I will say that I’ve had comments come in questioning the customer service at this company.  I also did not get the best customer service.  So use your own judgment and know that maybe not all of your calls/emails will be answered.  Returns will be a problem, and your order most likely will not arrive on-time.  That’s what I’m hearing and also experienced myself.

Edit:  Before I tell you about that first and second order we placed, let me tell you about a third time not being a charm.  We ordered two twin “Premium” mattresses and there was nothing premium about them.  They were basically thick comforters, there is no way you can actually call them a “mattress,” which they do.  We had to return them as I knew they would compress down to be as flat as a comforter after a couple month’s usage.  I will say, since we did not sleep or sit on them (do not lay or sit on your mattress until you know you’ll keep it, which isn’t really possible but I COULD tell by looking this time) we were able to return them for our full refund.  But it wasn’t without hassle.

My first order:  The products were delivered via FedEx Freight in huge boxes.  Even though the outside of the boxes had gotten quite filthy from shipping, the inside was immaculate (I got worried when I saw how dirty the outside of the boxes were).  But the boxes were all wrapped in shrink wrap and fully protected.  When we opened the boxes, everything was completely covered in super large plastic bags.  The wool products were rolled up beautifully and tied with wool scrap strings, it looked gorgeous.  The one thing that surprised me was that the bedding smelled like sheep!  Baaa.  It actually didn’t bother me, but others have reported that this is nauseating to them or they have had allergy issues.  (Edit:  In my opinion, the smell was pretty much gone after a couple of months).
Boxed ShipmentUpon Opening Box
Rolled BeddingBedding Rolled UpOnce we got everything all set up, we collapsed onto it to see just how it would feel.  Ahhh, it was nice.  It really felt soft and ultra comfy.  (Now that I’ve had it for a while, I will say… that “lofty” feel that they advertise doesn’t last more than a few months.  Once the wool is compacted down, it’s not super soft anymore.  It becomes a firm mattress.  But I have enjoyed it still, even though it’s firm).  Here’s a breakdown of my specific reviews on each item we got…

 Ultimate Topper:  The topper we got for our King-sized bed has definitely lost that initial fluff, this is the piece that makes the new bed “lofty.”  That fluffiness was probably gone within a few months.  I sometimes sleep on my son’s bed with him for a nap and his twin wool mattress (with no topper) feels the same to me as our king that has the “Ultimate” topper.  If I had to do over again, I’d probably not buy the topper, although it was luxurious at first.  All of our mattresses (have ordered two more twin ones since our initial order in 2011) are still in great condition.  And don’t smell like sheep!  I’ll add once again that the customer service we’ve received from the one lady that runs the place has definitely been sketchy.  Enough to make me not order again.

King Size Wool Mattress– The mattress itself is very very firm.  And I was surprised to find out that it comes in two pieces.  I didn’t see this anywhere on their website.  They should have this information on their website for customers to see.  Because many people have complained that fitting two mattresses side by side creates a rut/ “sinking area” in the middle.  The mattresses are thick and beautiful, we got the 8″ thick size.  Let me say, if you order a mattress, make sure you measure well before hand and order the exact size, not all King’s are the same.

Topper/ Underquilt– We got the Ultimate Topper, the website says it’s 5″ after tufting, I didn’t measure.  This is what made it so lofty in the beginning, felt wonderful.  Every three years or as needed, it is recommended that you have the topper “renewed” (you mail it back to them and they re-tuft the wool.  Can we say, expensive?).  That’s something to keep in mind as that will be more cost and maintenance.  We aren’t interested in paying for this so we’ll just live with a firm topper.

Washable Wool Mattress Pad– This is a thinner pad that goes on top of your topper to protect it.  Wouldn’t you know that on our first night of the new bed, our little guy leaked through his diaper!  So this pad was put to the test right away.  My conclusion?  Our topper was fine and didn’t get wet (it had a coverlet around it also), but this pad isn’t all waterproof.  To test it, later that morning we poured a small glass of water onto the pad to see if the water would leak through.  At first, it just beaded off, which impressed me.  But then we formed a little hollow and poured some more water in it and left it sitting for a couple of hours.  It did leak through, not excessively, but it did get the layer below it wet.  Which told me I’d better get another cover on our bed in case of another accident.

Coverlet for the Topper/ Underquilt– This is basically a big cover to protect the topper a little bit (kind of like a canvas-y cloth cover, not waterproof though). The mattress on the website never mentioned I would receive this so you might ask about it??

Wool Pillows– We got both a soft and a medium wool pillow.  It was a little thicker than what I was used to, but I squished it and made it work for whatever position I was in.  I do really like that my face is lying on 100% wool each night.  The medium wool pillow was thicker than the soft and was very nice.  (Edit– After a year or so (maybe less?), the pillow was still usable but the wool kind of separated inside, making it not as comfortable, but I still use it just fine I suppose).

Crib/ Toddler Mattress– We also got a mattress for our son’s toddler bed and it came with a washable mattress pad as well.  It’s a little large on his toddler bed frame.  And it’s a bit thicker than his old mattress too so regular crib sheets won’t fit on it.  This is a nuisance as no one really sells XL crib sheets.  He doesn’t have a topper, so he’s just sleeping on a firm mattress, which is more than fine.

Now, let me review the customer service at surroundewe.com:
The website says that orders should arrive within 5-6 weeks.  At the 6-week mark, I called to check on my order and it wasn’t ready yet.  They say all of their products are hand-made so I was lenient.  The order finally arrived 9 weeks and 1 day after my order was officially placed.  Even though I would have liked to have gotten my order sooner, they made up for it by throwing in some freebies for me, like the two wool pillows mentioned above.  I’ll be honest and say that I did question their customer service, a lot.  Not all my emails were answered and some of the responses I finally got weren’t detailed enough for me, just short one-line emails.

Their website says that wool is cool in the summer, but that’s not so true in our situation.  It’s definitely not cool, but is at whatever the temperature of the room is at.

Wool Bed
Side Note:  Make sure to read all the really good/bad comments others have left on this post below! 

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”  Colossians 3:2  🙂


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  1. That does look/feel like a SUPER, comfy, AWESOME bed! Thank you for showing it to me. Great job on your research and perseverance to find it!

  2. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog when looking (like you) for reviews of Surroundewe.com. I’m seriously considering buying either a standard or an ultimate mattress topper and would love to hear how you feel about the bed a few months on. It’s such a big purchase, yet I really need to be able to sleep better (I have neck problems and can’t sleep on my side on my too-firm bed, as I would prefer). Is the ultimate topper very big and heavy? I’m concerned about weight as I would have to drag it out to air and flip. And do you think a twin size could fit in a dryer (to be fluffed)? I was thinking of getting a twin to put on our king size bed, as hubby doesn’t need it. Many thanks, and blessings.

    1. Natalie,
      We still really like our topper. Now, I will say… I see the reason they enclosed a paper about their “renewal” program, because they probably do get ‘flattened’ and loose their fluffiness after a while. Their “renewal program” paper says people like to renew after 3 years. I see after a couple months that it’s not quite as fluffy as day one. But it’s still very nice and very comfortable. If it’s a firm surface you’re trying to get away from, I would probably definitely do the ultimate just because it’s the softest available. The King Ultimate is pretty big and yes, I think it weighs about 100 pounds or so. You could check on their website to see how much a twin weighs. I just figure I’ll get my husband to help me when it’s time to take outside. Hmmm, I don’t have the twin topper, but I think it would be too big for a regular dryer, maybe a commercial dryer though?? I will say too (I’m going to go back and add this to my post) that here in this HOT summer we’re having, the bed (with the topper as the top layer) is a little warm. I need my fan on each night to stay cool. But with a fan on, it’s fine. Their website says it’s cool in the summer, but I find it a little warm. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to ask anything else, I’d be happy to answer anything I can! At the end of the day, I do recommend the topper if you can afford it (and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount), because it is luxurious and nice!

  3. On June 10, 2009 we purchased a bed from the Wool Bed Company in Oconomowoc, WI. We drove to Janesville from DeKalb, IL to pick up the bed, and the owner met us in the parking lot of Applebees in Janesville so that our drive would be shortened. We put together the bed and my wife was very excited. She mentioned that the bed smelled a bit like lanolin. I figured it made sense since the bed was made of wool. The first night she slept on the she began to sneeze and had some red bumps on her arm. She decided to give it a couple more nights to see if it might have been a coincidence.
    The symptoms did not disappear and we took the bed out of the bedroom and put her old back in. We packaged up the wool bed and underquilt in its original packaging and stored it in our living room. We had to go out of town for a week and when we returned my wife called the Wool Bed Company and said that we would need to return it since I was not happy with it. Susan (the owner) reluctantly agreed to take it back. A week later when I had time to drive it back to Oconomowoc, I brought it back. I was unable to reach her by telephone on the way up and I was hoping my 3 hour trip North would not be for nothing. Susan did show up and I returned the bed and was promised a refund. Unfortunately, to this day we were never reimbursed a penny and she did not even fulfill her promise to the Better Business Bureau. Buyer Beware!!!

    1. Wow, I’m so sorry you never got your refund, that is terrible. I also had bumps in the road with Susan’s customer service. I think I do remember their website saying that they do not do returns at all, so I ordered knowing that I would not be able to return it. Sounds dishonest and unethical though of her to take your bed back, if she had no intention of refunding your money. That no-return policy made me weary of making the purchase because I always like the guarantee of being able to return things in case I’m not satisfied. I definitely proceeded with caution. They really do need to change their return policy. I can agree with you that her customer service was sketchy at times. I did get my bed late and she didn’t communicate with me in a timely manner when I’d call/email and ask where my order was. But in the end, they delivered a beautiful bed that I am completely satisfied with. I think the ideal situation would be to live within driving distance (unfortunately, I’m way too far to drive) and actually see and try a bed before paying any money. You should at least be given your bed back!!

  4. Hi, my husband and I just bought the whole wool mattress set from the Wool Bed Company down to platform conversion kit. It looks like in your photo, that you had an existing bed frame as well. Did you get the wooden platform? And if so, does it have a strong odor of varnish? or something of the like? We’ve had our mattress/frame for almost a month and the odor has barely dissipated. Also, every night, it is very comfortable, but there are great grooves where we sleep, and we were wanting a very firm, flat surface (we got the less fluffy topper). Are you having the same experience? I’ve called Susan a few times and don’t want to bother her anymore. I’m a little miffed that ONLY praising comments are on their website. No mention of any kind of odor whatsoever, and we’re wondering if we’re the only ones. Any response would be great!! thanks!

    1. We did just use our existing bed frame. So no, we didn’t buy the wooden platform. I wonder if you could put a flat piece of wood (unvarnished!) on your platform under your mattress?? Maybe that would help with the groove problem?? I think you should keep bothering her if you have problems and want them fixed. You shouldn’t feel like you’re a bother when you pay all that money, you should get top-notch customer service. From hearing from other comments now, and my own experience, I may go back to my post and emphasize more about the customer service. It appears that Susan (the only one available to talk with at her company) is not providing quality customer service. We’re considering buying a couple more mattresses for our children in the next year and I’ll probably consider another wool bed provider. I sure hope you can get your problems resolved! Also, she threw in a couple free pillows for us for being so late on the shipment, ask for some freebies for your trouble! It seemed like my order wasn’t being taken care of until after I called and called. If it weren’t for the buyer’s guarantee on my mastercard, I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable paying that many weeks in advance.

    2. I purchased a wool mattress based on the advertising that this product was made of 100% wool and no chemicals. The new mattress had an odor out of the wrapper. I made a complaint the next day. It was met with denial and the business owner shifted the blame to me for causing the odor.

      After 6 weeks I was given a replacement. This mattress was not of the same loft or consistent height of the original. It also had the same odor of the original but fainter and after sleeping on it for one night, I woke with my eyes matted.

      My 2nd complaint was met with similar blame shifting. My home is in a finished lower level and this was blamed for causing the odor. The owner denied that there was anything in the mattress that could cause allergies.

      After receiving a replacement item of lesser quality, I do not have any faith that this business owner is interested in providing any sort of warranty or customer service and would like a full refund.

      My complaint to the Better Business Bureau is still in the works and Susan’s version of the events sounds like she is living in a parallel universe. My next step is notifying the State of Wisconsin and then small claims court.

  5. Oh yes, and we also were told 4-6 weeks and waited 10 weeks for our bed. With no communication about it, except for us calling to follow-up. Twice.

  6. Thank you so very much for posting this! We have been needing a new mattress and were looking at this one. You’re review helped so much. Oh and you may have already know this, but you can wash your wool pad in a wool soap such as Eucalan. You wash it but don’t rinse. (You can wash and rinse it once, but then soak it again in the wool wash). This will lanolize the wool to help it be water resistant. You can also just get lanolin, melt it well in water and then add it to the wool in water and let it soak for a bit. Again don’t rinse it out. You don’t want to use wool-lite or other soap/detergent, because that will strip out the lanolin in the wool and make it leak a lot! 🙂

  7. I soo like wool diaper covers!! 🙂 I’m about to go and sew up some dipes for my little one now. 🙂
    And one more question, and please feel free to not answer, as I can understand if you don’t want to. Or feel free to send me a personal email. But I was wondering what state or area you are in the US. Just curious because you mentioned it being so hot and wanted to compare it to where I am, so I can get an idea about how we might fare on one of these beds during our summer. Thank you again!

  8. Hi-Just wondering if the topper is still fluffy and comfortable. Also, did you find it to be hot only in the summer or did that persist into the fall and winter? Everything I read about wool toppers says they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Thanks for your review!

    1. Yes, it is still fluffy and is still very comfortable, we still really like it. I do see how it has lost some of its original fluffiness and I think it will be ready to be re-fluffed/ renewed at the 3-year mark. No, we didn’t find it hot in the fall/ winter at all, it was great. It’s never been too hot, but I definitely don’t believe that it’s actually “cooler” in hot weather. Thanks for your comment and questions! Feel free to ask any more as I know it’s a big purchase to make without hearing other opinions about it!

  9. Thank you for this great post. I’m in the process of looking for a new wool mattress and in addition to SurroundEwe.com I also cam across HolyLambOrganics or Shepherd’s Dream? Both are made in the USA. Just wondering if anyone had one of their mattresses/bedding and if they liked it.?

  10. I would also like to know of other people’s experiences with Shepherd’s Dream and Holy Lamb Organics? Anyone?

      1. Thank you. I’ve contacted Shepherds Dream and am waiting for samples. They’ve been very helpful so far.

  11. Hello, I think that Holy Lamb Organics and Shepherd’s Dream may be the same product. Does anyone know this? Also, it appears that Shepherd’s Dream 5″ is similar to just the topper for The Wool Bed Company. That is interesting. Very different from each other, yet they use similar methods and materials. I am in the process of deciding- would love to hear form someone who has purchased a Shepherd’s Dream mattress- wondering if it will become too firm over time.

    1. Yes, Holy Lamb Organics sells Shepherd’s Dream mattresses- so same thing. We do have a crib mattress from Surround Ewe (the same firmness as the twin and other sizes they sell) and it is very very firm. Unless it’s for a child, you’d definitely need a topper.

  12. Thank you for the review! I’m trying to decide on a new bed. Wool seems like the best choice for me but it’s pricey. I may just splurge though.

  13. I think we need to add some balance here to the surroundewe hype on their website. Let me start by saying that Susan’s customer services was exemplary.

    The product however does leave something to be desired. One has to think about what one is buying. Basically it is a large bag of wool. My wife sold herself on the wool mattress after reading all of the glowing testimonials on the Surroundewe website. My concern was that without any elasticity (as in foam or spring) it would compress and become hard.

    We went ahead and purchased the set, complete with firm topper. My wife was out of town when it arrived. I installed the bed on an Ikea slatted bed frame and my fist few nights were terrible. Despite rolling this way and that for a couple of hours on the topper (per instructions and advice from Susan after I called to complain) I could not get the wool adequately distributed evenly throughout the topper and it quickly developed a trough where I slept (and where the slats bowed). I then resorted to sleeping without the topper which was a little better as long as I slept in the center of the bed frame (where there was no bowing from the slats). When my wife returned home she was uncomfortable from the outset on the mattress only on the slatted frame. So I built a solid platform frame that does not bow at all. We put the topper on and consistently either turn or flip the mattress and topper. No matter what we slept in separate trenches divided by a ridge that felt like the Pyrenees. I awoke every morning with crippling back ache. (I’m 160lbs 6’0″ tall and in great shape).

    We agreed to take off the topper. Now at least we can sleep through the night on just the mattress. If we stay in bed for more than 8 hrs both of us have terrible back-ache. My wife complains every morning that her back hurts after about 7 hrs of sleep. The trenches in the mattress are always present. No amount of flipping or turning makes them go away and we have had the sleep system for just over 7 months.

    Interestingly, for comparison, we took a vacation at the end of February. The standard sprung mattress at the hotel gave us both a great nights sleep and we neither of us awoke with back ache at all.

    My wife feels cheated and disappointed because there were no balancing reviews on the surroundewe website and given that the cost was twice what we might have paid for a regular queen bed I too am decidedly less than happy with the end result. (Not withstanding the materials and labor spent building a bed frame to accommodate the wool sack.)

    So to all of you who read this, think very carefully about the fact that the mattress will get harder as it compresses despite the need to turn it weekly (it’s heavy), it will form troughs that you need to be OK with and that it is expensive and there is no 30 day like it or return it option.

    I will not recommend this product to anyone.

    On the plus side the linens are good quality and Susan does try to make her customer’s happy when issues arise. ( We had some minor discrepancies with the order and the mattress was slightly soiled by the carrier).

    1. I guess I’m just the opposite. The customer service for me has been 2 star, not very prompt and not very thorough. I think the mattress and topper is an excellent product however, we’ve had no problems whatsoever (ours is on just a regular box spring). We have no problems with dips/ gaps/ trenches etc. I’m so sorry you haven’t gotten good sleep in a while, that can’t be good. Thank you for your comment, I hope it will help others make an informed decision!

    2. Do you mind sharing which thickness mattress you got? Not sure if that matters, but I’m really curious because a bed that has huge troughs sounds awful, kind of like you’re sleeping on a down comforter or something!? I really thought I wanted a wool mattress but that worries me. There’s a few sites that sell wool/cotton ‘futons’ that are around 6″ thick and about $900 for a queen. That’s not cheap but cheaper than both wool bedding companies’ mattresses. Maybe thinner is better when it comes to wool?

      Thanks again to everyone for sharing their experiences!

      1. Lizzy,
        We also bought the 8 inch mattress, but with the regular topper (that we don’t use). Obviously bedding is a very personal thing, and we chose the wool bed for the environmental reasons in the same way as our web host did. (I even read this site before we purchased).

        To clarify for you. The mattress is now 8 inches at the center and slightly less on both edges, probably 7.5 inches. The hollow that has formed on my side of the bed (although that is moot up to a point, given how often we flip or turn the mattress) is currently 1.5 inches depressed from level and if I put a small amount of pressure on it, it sinks to a firm supportive base 2.5 inches down. (I just went upstairs with a straight edge and a tape measure). The measurements are similar on my wife’s side. The problem is that the deep spot is around the pelvis, which is fine if you are a side sleeper. I tend to flip onto my back in the mornings and so the depression caused by my hips then makes my back ache. I guess (although I don’t know having never owned one) that it is rather like a memory foam mattress where the bed adopts your sleeping shape.

        Hope this helps.

    3. Hi there,

      Yes — we’ve had precisely the same issue with the trough. We love the wool mattress – it’s firm – but the topper absolutely has troughed considerably in the year we’ve had the mattress.

      We’re both under 140lbs, and flip the mattress topper religiously, once per week.

      Despite flipping though, we’ve both had persistant back pain and are trying to figure out what we can do.

      For those of you who have REMOVED the topper – has this resulted in a better sleep? Does the main mattress also form troughs? If so, that would be worrying!

      Ditto about the service. I appreciate the help and answers we received as customers-to-be, but the service provided after we were customers wasn’t the warmest. We called because of the trough issue, and were recommended to buy yet more material (to place under our backs).

      This didn’t seem like a good choice, and so we’re seeking other options (what brought me to this blog).

      Over all, good products — but beware the trough! And, let’s see if we can figure out the best way to solve that issue.

      1. D,
        We have been using the mattress alone since about February. We flip either north south, east west, or turn the mattress differently about once every one or two weeks to try to minimize the indentations but the mattress does trough and there is a distinct ridge between us (and you can imagine the side effects on our romance from a wonky bed).

        Per my comments above to Lizzy I would say that the mattress has about a 2+inch trough either side where our hips are with less than that where the torso lies. We still get mild back pain if we stay too long or sleep on our backs but without the topper the mattress is usable. We are both around 155-160lbs.

        I actually get my best night sleep if the wife is away and I sleep on the ridge (LOL).

        Sorry you discovered the issues we have. I guess the folk on this blog like the cosseting effect of the troughs which is what makes them happy because I find it difficult to believe that their beds have not formed troughs. (OR – maybe we just have poor quality mattresses).

    4. Not_so_pleased_with_ewe: I actually asked my husband if he wrote this post, because it so closely resembles our experience with our mattress. Susan’s customer service has been okay after repeated requests and emails. She does not call back, but if you are persistent, you will reach her. She did give us an “enhancer” to fill in the troughs, and then re-stuffed the topper and mattress after a year because we still were not happy. The re-stuffed mattress has done the same thing. The best thing to combat the troughs was filling them in with old cotton cloth diapers or t-shirts. We just put them on top of the mattress and under the enhancer. Not ideal, but cheaper than a new mattress.

      We also got a winter weight comforter, which was too heavy, and Susan changed it out for a summer weight comforter for $50. I’ve always slept under a down comforter, but once I got married and slept with my husband, I was always too hot. The wool one breathes better.

      I also got a pillow. I started with a medium and ended up with a soft. If I sleep on my side, I just double it over or put an air pillow underneath it. I really like not sleeping on chemical laced foam, and neck problems (unrelated to the mattress) have made it hard for me to sleep on a down pillow.

    5. I bought a wool mattress from Bulgaria and, after four months, it’s still the most painful thing I have ever slept on. I, too, went on holiday and had the best night’s sleep on a regular mattress. I am now about to purchase a Latex topper and hope this sorts my back ache. I would NEVER recommend a wool mattress to anyone – although my dog does love it.

    1. Regarding the service. Susan sent an over wrap to cover the marks on the mattress and extra pillows to make up for one that short shipped. Her e-mails were timely and courteous – although there was a misunderstanding regarding what I thought we were ordering versus what actually came. The product breakdowns are confusing. Susan filled the order to match my expectations after I wrote a detailed item by item comparison.
      My biggest “service” compliant would be the fact that her website does not give people the opportunity to respond to the glowing reviews that she posts so that consumer’s can make a more balanced choice.
      My wife wonders how you don’t have any indentations in your mattress?

  14. Hi,

    Thank you SO much for writing out this review! It has been a blessing for our family. So glad to know that there are others out there looking for information regarding top quality wool products. (We use wool diaper covers as well!)

    This is our experience with the Wool Bed Company / Surroundewe.com:

    We bought two king sized wool pillows, one medium and one medium soft (this was originally a medium, but my husband wanted a medium soft, so we sent it back and got the right match). I also got a FIRM body pillow. I asked Susan if she would throw in a standard medium soft pillow for my son when he gets old enough and she did.

    NOW, when I received the pillows, they smelled funny, I almost lost it! I had to pray, remind myself that these are only pillows, and calmly call Susan. She said that since I was in California and she in Wisconsin, there must have been some chemical smells, i.e. jet fuel, etc., happening, which did not make the situation better; I layed the pillows in the sun and just relaxed, letting her know that if the smells did not go away that day, I was sending them back! She agreed. I let them sit out and had my husband smell them when he got home, he laughed and said they smell like sheep, honey! Oh, thats the smell! Laughing. I now adore the smell. I am so extremely happy with the body pillow, its huge, it smells like sheep and I dont know how I slept without it for so long. The pillows are good too. My husband says whatever he doesn’t really care either way about them. They do compress alot, especially the medium soft, I would say about 30%, and we have had them for about 3 months. Many people in Europe still use wool and they just know that pillows compress once they get older.

    Since we live in California, but visit Wisconsin at least twice a year, we will be stopping by the wool bed company to check out the different mattresses. We are in the market for a mattress for our son. Although I have had pretty good experiences with Susan, even getting a little heated, which she is very used to, her demeanor was still workable and she still wanted to do the right thing. I agree the customer service is NOT remarkable, but the products are good.

    I actually called Susan and asked her about Shepards Purse, she stated that they sell her mattress topper as a mattress and to be weary, I just took in the information. I have no interactions with Shepards Purse.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! That’s great you use wool diaper covers as well! I REALLY wanted to use wool covers but they didn’t work out for me due to sizing issues, perhaps I’ll try them again. I’m a big cloth diaper fan/ user!

  15. I have experience with Shepherd’s Dream, and only for a 3″ topper, which I bought 5 years ago. I had a great experience with them, loved getting samples before I purchased and still love, love, love my topper. I’m in the market for a new mattress and am also thinking wool, or wool & cotton, or wool & latex. Wool is a wonderful thing!

    1. Hi again. I just wanted to report back that I ended up buying a wool contour pillow from Shepherd’s Dream and I love it to bits. It’s perfect for a side sleeper like myself. I also ended up buying bedding but from a different company called Soaring Heart based in Seattle. I got two Japanese style shikibuton mattresses, one wool/organic cotton, and one purely cotton. They have several options available and I chose them for price, customization, portability. At first, I could feel the wood slat frame underneath I think because, 1) my slats were too far apart and 2) I’m a side sleeper. For the time being I have my old 2″ memory foam topper nudged in between the two mattresses which has made a huge difference and now it’s wonderful. The foam is disrupting the airflow between the mattresses, however, so I will need to get perforated latex in the future. So for side sleepers I’d recommend a different setup than what I purchased (they sell latex shikibutons also). Overall I’m pleased with the company and the quality. Peace be with you all. -Lizzy

  16. Hello! I received my mattresses/toppers that I ordered from The Wool Bed Company (surroundewe.com) and have had a horrible night sleep the last 2 nights. Not due to the comfort of the product (which I think is fantastic and so do my kids), but I am confident I’m allergic to the wool. As soon as we took the bedding out of the packaging, I got a chest tightness and sinus congestion and it goes away when I’m away from the house and returns when I’m in any of my bedrooms. This is strange to me because my entire family has slept on wool mattress pads the past two years and I had wool pillows in the past and never had any issues. This is why I never considered a possible allergy to a wool mattress.

    I am really hoping that my reaction will go away as the mattresses air out a bit! It took me over 6 months to convince my husband to invest in wool mattresses for us and our two children, so with that said – I’m not even mentioning this allergy thing to him right now.

    I wanted to see if anyone else had the same issues with wool bedding from this company or any other and if so, any recommendations on covering the mattress or anything else? I know that returning the mattress is not an option. I’m going to call Susan, but really wanted any opinions out there as well.

    Thanks so much!! I would really appreciate any feedback!

    1. Hi. I actually had a similar reaction- I suffer from allergies which is a main reason we decided to invest in a wool bed. We got our bed early December of last year, I experienced the tight chest and some difficulty breathing. I do not know if it was coincidental or not, but I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia less than two weeks later. My husband was willing to get rid of the bed and sell (Susan does not do refunds). I wanted to give it another chance because a wool bed is something he had wanted for so long. Once I recovered, (not until mid January), I started doing research and investigating and sleeping back in that bed. Turns out that the natural wood of the frame was wet when they delivered it. That accounted for the smell and left many lines bled into our mattress. We even found a little mildew when we flipped the mattress over. So the bed was damp and very uncomfortable, however we couldnt FEEL that it was wet. It took until the end of January for it to be free of smell and completely dry. I actually love the bed now- now that it’s dry, so I’m glad I held on and didn’t have to waste so much money. Hope this helps. I know it was lengthy, but I wanted you to see the time and process it took to solve our problem 🙂

    2. I purchased a wool mattress based on the advertising that this product was made of 100% wool and no chemicals. The new mattress had an odor out of the wrapper. I made a complaint the next day. It was met with denial and the business owner shifted the blame to me for causing the odor.

      After 6 weeks I was given a replacement. This mattress was not of the same loft or consistent height of the original. It also had the same odor of the original but fainter and after sleeping on it for one night, I woke with my eyes matted.

      My 2nd complaint was met with similar blame shifting. My home is in a finished lower level and this was blamed for causing the odor. The owner denied that there was anything in the mattress that could cause allergies.

      After receiving a replacement item of lesser quality, I do not have any faith that this business owner is interested in providing any sort of warranty or customer service and would like a full refund.

      1. I ordered a wool topper in June and after less than a week of sleeping on it, the mattress had huge indentations and a large lump in the middle. Susan promised me she would send another one and that sometimes these things just happened. It is now October and I have not heard from the company. I called and left an electronic message but have not received a reply. I feel like I’m sleeping in a hole and am not sure what to do at this point. I called again today but I’m not hopeful I will get a reply.

      2. Ugh. You probably won’t get a reply. This company has some serious issues. I should go back and edit my post to emphasize more how terrible their customer service is and that you probably will not ever get a refund or exchange or a call back. Not to mention so many people having so many problems with their products.

  17. Thank you very much for telling me your story! I am really relieved to hear that you are o.k. with the mattress now. Sorry you had to go through the pneumonia part though!! I too have allergies and know that wool bedding is the best, so I am really hoping that airing it out and after time, it will get better. I do remember airing out our wool mattress pads when I purchased them 6 yrs. ago. I think it’s just overwhelming to my system – having the 3 new wool mattresses. Every time I enter one of the bedrooms, my symptoms start up.

    After doing some research, the wool bedding company Shepherd’s Dream has a page online that discusses sensitivities and allergies to wool. They recommend slowly introducing yourself to the products one at a time and also to allow adequate time for the items to air out. They even offer a sample bedding kit. I would have probably gone with this company, but I received a discount with the Wool Bed Company through my Dr. and my Dr. highly recommended the company. I’m surprised they at least do not talk about the sensitivities on the website and offer a trial of their material.

    Again, thanks for your feedback…I really appreciate it. I’m planning on airing it out for at least a week before I try it again and it will probably have to be aired out longer 🙂


  18. Could it be you’re allergic to the organic cotton? I ordered the mattress and the wool surround from Shepherd’s Dream and had a rough time with the pieces encased in the organic cotton. I had no problem with their mattress which is ALL wool – even the outside. After many days and hours of airing the topper in direct sunlight, I was finally able to use it. The pillows had to air for weeks and then I put them in non-organic cotton covers and use them with no problem. Unfortunately, I did have to send the comforter back which had a different type of organic cotton encasement that I could not tolerate even being in the same room with. Good luck! Hope it works out for you.

    1. Thanks Chris! I do beleive it’s the wool that bothers me, since I owned organic cotton pillows in the past and was fine with them. I have been airing the mattresses out and slept on it last night for the first time and it seemed to definitley be better. I’m going to continue to air our for a few more days (I wish it was summer so I could put it outside) and I think I will be fine.

  19. D,
    We have been using the mattress alone since about February. We flip either north south, east west, or turn the mattress differently about once every one or two weeks to try to minimize the indentations but the mattress does trough and there is a distinct ridge between us (and you can imagine the side effects on our romance from a wonky bed).

    Per my comments above to Lizzy I would say that the mattress has about a 2+inch trough either side where our hips are with less than that where the torso lies. We still get mild back pain if we stay too long or sleep on our backs but without the topper the mattress is usable. We are both around 155-160lbs.

    I actually get my best night sleep if the wife is away and I sleep on the ridge (LOL).

    Sorry you discovered the issues we have. I guess the folk on this blog like the cosseting effect of the troughs which is what makes them happy because I find it difficult to believe that their beds have not formed troughs. (OR – maybe we just have poor quality mattresses).

  20. It is so helpful to read all of these comments. I was very eager to try one of Susan’s beds. I thought it might be the answer to my prayers after a long search for a comfortable, chemical free bed. But during a conversation on the phone, Susan surprised me with a very odd and baffling assertion. I had explained that I had tried many types of beds with no success. I mentioned that a friend of mine sold organic cotton futons and wool pillows on the west coast and I was tempted to try one, but I was afraid it would be too hard and uncomfortable. At that point, Susan was absolutely convinced that I was attempting to steal her trade secrets for this friend. Susan threw a barrage of paranoid accusations at me, raving about how she was the original and everyone was trying the steal her ideas. There was simply no convincing her otherwise and her insults grew more aggressive and paranoid until she finally hung up on me. I was stunned. It was a very bizarre and disappointing exchange. I was convinced that her mattresses would be the end to my long search. So now I am regrouping and looking for a new wool bed company. I was hopeful about Susan’s because her store is within a two hour drive and I could have tried the mattress and even driven it home to save the shipping costs. But it was not meant to be. What a very strange turn of events.

    1. I’m so sorry you had such a bad phone call. She also went on and on to me about how she was the original. I didn’t really care honestly, just wanted a good mattress! This kind of confirms that the customer service is sketchy, at best. Hmmm…
      Hope you find a good mattress! I’ve worked with Holy Lamb Organics and they had excellent customer service, just didn’t end up buying there because their prices were a little higher. But maybe you could give them a try?

  21. Thanks so much for posting this review! I’m looking for an organic mattress for my daughter, and eventually one to replace our bed for me and my husband. I’ve been nervous, though, about investing in a wool bed that I can’t try out, and I really wanted to find more honest reviews. At this point, I really don’t know what to do. It sounds like a wool bed is best on a box frame, which is what we plan to do. I’d be very upset, though, if my bed developed a trough. Unconventional Homemaker, are you still happy with your bed? Is it wearing well?

    1. I am still very happy with our wool bed. We have no trough problems at all. It’s still very comfortable and in perfect condition. Actually, about 3 months ago, we bought two twin mattresses for my sons, so that shows we are still pleased. Like I’ve said many times, the customer service seems to be the problem I’ve had. But the product has been perfect and wonderful! If you can get Holy Lamb Organics to make you a decent deal, I would go with them instead. But they couldn’t beat the Wool Bed Company’s prices on the twins this time around either. And FYI… Wool Bed Company is a one-man-show. The only person you’ll ever talk with is Susan. I like supporting small American businesses, but when you don’t have higher levels of management you can complain to, the customer service you get is often less than ideal. But, if I woke up in your shoes, would I buy another mattress… yes. 🙂

      1. I too believe you should go with Holy Lamb Organics – since they offer samples of all of their bedding and I’ve heard their customer service is really good. I HIGHLY suggest testing out the materials and giving them time to see if you and your daughter are o.k. with the material (not allergic). I had some bad reactions to my mattress the first few weeks. My allergies are subsiding, and my kids are fine with their wool beds, but I reacted pretty bad at first (sinus/chest heaviness) and know it’s from the wool. I ended up having to air them out for weeks and purchased organic cotton encasements – which still allows the wool to breathe, but traps some of the allergens from getting through and that has helped alot. There are no returns with the Wool Bed Company and I’m not sure about Holy Lamb Organics, but at least you can get samples of their products. I am happy, in general with the quality of the mattresses though…no trough problems with my kids full size mattresses although our king (which the bottom part is made of 2 extra long twins held together with a sleeve) and a one piece topper has had some issues. I thought it was a good idea to have the bottom piece in 2 sections – with moving, etc., and Susan guaranteed we would not feel the difference but I do feel the center caves in a bit and my kids beds are not like that. Hope this helps!

  22. Thanks, UH and Carrie, for sharing your experiences! I’m really glad to hear you both still like your bed and haven’t had trough problems. As far as the customer service goes, I agree that she shouldn’t go crazy and hang up on people who mention other companies (there’s no excuse for that), but I do understand that it can be hard for a single person to deal with all the stress of customer service on top of everything else that comes with owning a business. I’m a small-business owner in a completely different field–a one-person business–and while I always try to offer great customer service, it’s difficult at times to absorb all the stress like a sponge. The stress can get to you! It’s especially hard dealing with someone who’s not happy or needs a lot of extra attention. That, of course, comes with the job, but it’s not the same as a big company where everything is split up among a bunch of different people doing specialized jobs. As a one-person business, I handle it all, and it sounds like she handles most of it herself as well. That all being said, it sounds like she really should work on her customer service skills. But as long as she’s making a good product and is trustworthy, I might be able to overlook some of the other stuff (as long as it’s minor). I also love the idea of supporting American small businesses! 🙂

    1. She never hung up on me or yelled at me like the other commenter. She just didn’t answer my phone calls and emails and when she did, it was after repeated attempts to reach her and after waiting a week or more for a response. I feel the same, I can overlook some bad customer service for a quality product. But to be quite honest, there were times that I wondered if she was going to scam me and keep my money. But I’ve ordered from her twice now and both times I’ve been very satisfied with the product and I did get the order I paid for. And she made me really good deals both times, which was a definite bonus and helped me to overlook even more customer-service-wise.

  23. I ordered the ultimate topper and pillows and king comforter. The customer service is horrible: she never returns calls, EVER. My complaint? The comforter is MUCH SMALLER than a Eastern King and looks sloppy in my cover.
    I have backaches….I can’t complain to my husband because I SPENT SO MUCH ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mari

      Sorry to hear that, I can only suggest that you take off the topper. We ditched ours and get by without too much back ache sleeping on the considerably firmer mattress only. I still cannot “lie in” on a week-end without getting a bad back tho.

      I would simply never ever recommend this to anyone. For no other reason than you have no opportunity to lie on it and see how it feels… and for such a huge investment that’s just a rather risky thing to do.

      There is one thing on this blog I do not understand…
      How can it be that some of us have troughs in our mattresses and some do not. (We tried ours on two different bases. At present it is on a solid wood platform.) There is no springing in this bedding it is simply a bag of wool. There are ties through the mattress and topper to stop the filling moving around. Nevertheless, unless you are a mobile sleeper and do not lie in the same spot I cannot figure out why the bed would not form a trough / indentation. ANY stuffed fiber product will do that over time as the stress on the fibers that take the load weakens them. Even our pillow have a hollow in them.

      I have no axe to grind here. The issue is backache cause by a bed that sags. For people who like a soft bed or one with a hollow that they sink into that does not make their body ache, have at it, great product for you. BUT if you like a level surface and good even support and do not move around think very hard before you spend your money.

  24. Incredibly enlightening posts. I, too, went in search of a healthy bed last yr, due to allergies and autoimmune diseases, trying to create a healthier environment (Arlene Blum’s Sept 2012 WSJ article on flame retardants in couches and bedding will keep you up, if your bed doesn’t!). After months of reading and trying to decide between latex and wool, I found a small shop in Ft Lauderdale which sells organic beds (but no 100% wool mattresses), and I decided upon an organic Talalay latex bed from OMI in CA.

    To my horror and great surprise, i could not get comfortable on the bed – too hard on one side of topper, too soft on the other (one side is flat, the other is sculpted). Impossibly hard without the topper.

    Trying to assess a bed in an hour is impossible, as anything can feel comfortable for an hour – but i have slept in hotels across the globe and done fine. Worst of all, within a few days on the OMI bed, my lower back was hurting and then I was waking with numb limbs and terribly sore shoulders and collar bone. Although there was no odor in the shop (which has been in business 5 ys), from the moment my bed arrived, Dec, 2012, it had a pungent, sickly-sweet odor which made me nauseous – which shop owner in S FL said she’d never heard. But it was so bad, i moved into another bedroom after a couple of wks.

    I’m a healthy, trim woman in my early 50s and always slept well on traditional mattress (with wool mattress pad). But the healthy mattress is killing me(!) bc i’m so exhausted from not being able to sleep!! My conclusion is that latex is too dense and doesn’t seem to breathe as well as the old coil, wool/ cotton (toxic!) mattresses.

    I am very disappointed that OMI has not responded to my lengthy phone message, and FL shop owner just wants to sell me another topper. So, in spite of the incredible expense i have already incurred (no returns on bedding – thanks to Congress, as it’s against Fed law), I’ve been wondering about giving away the latex and going with The Wool Bed Co. Until reading this post.

    So… still searching for a comfortable, clean bed! Why should that be so difficult in this great country of entrepreneurs?! (too many federal ignorami, perhaps??)

    One lovely product i’ve found throughout my ordeal is the Holy Lamb Organics fleece (about 1.5″ thick), which does smell for a few days, but it’s delicious and snuggly after airing for a week – just wish it were 3 times thicker. Maybe I’ll end up with 2-3 of them to soften the traditional bed i’m going back to (or the floor!). I know this isn’t a thread on latex beds, but if anyone has helpful input on those, i’d be grateful.

    1. Charlotte,
      I know it has been more than two years since you made this post. I would love to know how you made out and what you did about your bed situation. I purchased my latex bed from an east coast organic mattress store and it arrived in December of 2013. It is comprised of two layers – a softer 3″ layer on top and a 6″ bottom layer which are encased in organic cotton ticking and then the whole thing (two twins for a king size bed) is encased in organic cotton and wool zippered cover. Then I have a wool mattress protector. I bought the firmer core (bottom layer). This bed has been way too hard and I toss and turn because I have arthritis and I sleep on my side and I wake with hip, back, neck and shoulder pain. I also have some allergy problems. I have been trying to research regarding allergies to latex as I do have sensitivity to latex gloves. Apparently, you can still have some off-gassing from latex. I even tried their test kit of products and slept with them for the recommended time before ordering. They also will tell you that latex does not trough like other mattresses. However, my mattress is about 2 years old and I have a definite dip where I sleep.

      This bed was so uncomfortable that I called the company, within a couple of months, about purchasing their 3″ wool topper, which I had tried because I had gone to their store. Because a wool topper is going to compress over time, they tried to convince me to purchase the less firm cores, so I would be essentially replacing the two twin cores due to the king size bed. I think I spent about $4600 on the latex mattress and the Amish-made foundation. I also bought an Amish-made bed from them. So, replacing the cores (which are not returnable) would be another very expensive outlay. I could not decide what to do–replace the cores or add a topper, so to this day I have not done anything. I am very ashamed that after all the research that I did that I am now not getting good sleep and I am afraid to make any more expensive purchases unless I can be certain that I can resolve my sleep problems.

      I am now considering going back to a coil/spring mattress. My husband has back problems and he has been sleeping in a guest bedroom with a coil/spring pillowtop mattress that is about 14 years old. However, I do want to tell you why I was compelled to write this. I have a chihuahua that sleeps with me. She burrows under the covers. She has been having some extreme episodes of coughing and wheezing and sounding like she is having a hard time swallowing at night. I am coming to the conclusion that she may be allergic to something in this bed. I had to go away a lot this summer to take care of various family members and while I was gone, she slept with my husband in the old bed. He says that she has no trouble with breathing, wheezing or coughing. It is when I come home and she sleeps with me. So, what is it? The latex, the wool or the organic cotton? I am going crazy trying to figure this out. If I have to buy a new bed, what should I buy? I want a product that is not composed of carcinogens, etc., but I am at a loss. And since she is so small and has reactions to vaccinations, could she be a harbinger of these “organic” products not being so pure either? I, myself, have developed dry eyes, wake up stuffy with headaches sometimes, and have a dry cough along with all my aches and pains. I know that these could be other environmental factors (forced air heating, not enough humidity, and other allergies) but I can’t be sure if we are allergic to any of these “organic” materials.

      This appears to have been one big, expensive mistake (and I have made a couple of them) and I am at my wits end as to what to do. I would like to know what you did about your bed.

      Thanks so much and I hope you see this post!

      1. So sorry you have spent so much, ouch! I would definitely try and find a more economical way to help you sleep without flame-retardants/ chemicals. But what would that be? I’m not sure. Campers foam on the floor? I know a family that does that!

  25. I wanted to give an update since I went ahead and purchased two all wool beds from the Wool Bed Company. Susan’s customer service so far has been exemplary. She’s always been quick to answer my calls or call me back, and she was quick to respond to my e-mail. I ordered a king size bed and a full size bed for my daughter. We were able to set up our king size bed last night and plan to set up our daughter’s tonight.

    My husband and I struggled a little with the wrap for the two twin mattresses that make up the bottom of the king size bed. We finally got them both in the wrap and put them on top of our box springs. Then we put on the topper (we got the thickest one), and I proceeded to lie on the edge of the bed and work my way across the entire mattress in 15 minute intervals. This was what Susan had instructed me to do in order to help evenly compress the bed after first setting it up.

    Compressing the bed wasn’t the most comfortable experience because the bed was sloped higher in the direction I was moving, but after finishing, the bed was more evenly distributed (no more sloping). My husband and I were a little concerned about how it would feel sleeping on it at first. It’s definitely not like a regular bed! But we both slept surprisingly well. Neither of us experienced any pain (we didn’t experience pain on a conventional bed either), and the bed was comfortable to sleep in. The only thing I noticed was that when I woke up, I felt like I’d been stretching. It was almost as if my muscles stretched a little more than usual because of the give of the bed. It wasn’t a bad feeling; just different.

    Now for my general thoughts: This is not a regular bed. Don’t buy it expecting it to feel like a regular bed! It’s a bed made entirely of wool…. and that’s what it feels like! 🙂 It’s a different experience. Don’t expect your bed to look level all the way across either–at least mine certainly doesn’t–so in that way it doesn’t look like a conventional bed either. The good thing is that it is comfortable. Yes, your body is going to sink into the bed (no springs!). But, when I shifted position, the new spot easily supported me and was comfortable. I felt comfortable moving around as I slept (I tend to toss and turn). I was a little worried that sleeping on my back wouldn’t be as comfortable as sleeping on my side, but sleeping on my back turned out to be fine, too. If you buy an all wool bed, go into it knowing that it’s going to be a soft and dynamic sleeping experience. For those of you worried about soft, I don’t think soft is a bad thing. I was reading that our bodies actually do better on a softer surface as we age. A wool bed is also going to involve upkeep. I can see that it will be very important to flip the topper on a regular basis so that the wool wears evenly. For me, the fact that the bed is healthy and all natural makes up for the extra work maintaing the bed.

    Overall, I’m happy with the bed so far. I plan to update here again after a month or so and let you know how it goes after more use. I hope this review has been helpful to anyone thinking about buying this kind of bed!

  26. Hello!

    I posted over 6 months ago in response to my organic wool mattresses and had some issues with allergic reactions. I thought they were getting better, but we spent a month out of town and when I came back I reacted so bad with hives and other issues, I know for sure these mattresses are not good for me to have in my home. I’ve tried a number of things…airing them out extensively, double organic cotton encasements, etc., I just need to accept that I’m out a lot of money, having to now get rid of 3 organic wool mattresses. Ugh….

    Does anyone have any recommendations of a more natural type of mattress that does not contain wool? I’m thinking I’m going to have a difficult time finding one since wool is used in place of the fire retardant chemicals. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  27. Glad to finally find a site with reviews on Surround Ewe.
    I purchased their California King last year because I wanted a chemical free sleep solution. Susan, the owner, guaranteed delivery within 4-6 weeks. That never happened and, instead, I had to wait 3 months. Like others have reported, customer service was poor and there was always some excuse about what was taking so long. Getting a hold of Susan is not an easy thing once the sale is complete, FYI.
    When it finally arrived, I couldn’t be more excited and relieved. This is indeed a comfortable, restful mattress. I splurged and got the ultimate topper.
    I thought I was in heaven UNTIL my wife started having breathing discomfort at night. It turns out she is allergic. This is most unfortunate given the amount of money spent and the unnecessarily loooong wait.
    On the bright side, the guests have reported having had the sleep of their lives.
    I wouldn’t mind parting with it as we’re likely moving later this year and taking a smaller place.
    If you’re interested, I’m in California and my email is emmy22f at hotmail.

    All in all, great bed but poor customer service. Do make sure you are not allergic to wool before making such a significant investment. Our next mattress will definitely be all latex.

  28. Interesting information! Was going to order, but now uncertain. I have a question to pose. I thought the topper/under quilt was actually meant to go under the mattress itself, not on top (confusing by the name of it). Has anyone used it in that way and any comments on that option? Thanks.

    1. I have no idea why it’s been referred to as an “underquilt”. The topper goes on top and you wouldn’t want to use it any other way. If you were looking for a more firm or hard(ish) flat surface, you could go without a topper, tho I wouldn’t recommend because it’s included in the price of your mattress + I like firm surfaces and ours is firm enough for me. Susan sells two different kinds. One is fluffier than the other.

  29. My husband and I have a Sleep Number bed (the kind with the dual chambers that you can adjust for firmness). We are considering purchasing a standard wool topper to give the top a more comfortable and cooler feel. Has anyone put a wool topper on a sleep number bed? Thanks for any information. I’ve heard differing comments regarding allergies. I think I am allergic to wool.

  30. I’m surprised to see so many negative comments about Surround Ewe’s products. I have bad arthritis due to a caving accident and have both the wool mattress and the topper. I started with the topper and had such a good experience with it, I ordered the mattress. I have found that Susan is more responsive to phone messages than to email messages. She has always called me back within a day of my leaving a message and I have found her to be unfailingly polite and helpful. When I was looking for an alternative to a regular mattress, Susan’s company was the only one I could find whose business practices I liked and whose products were organic. Today, I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

    1. Susan IS very friendly and polite with great customer service! She is not hard to get ahold of. Receiving the product is what takes a long time for some- and typically there is no communication about the delay unless you call to check up on your order. Product is also good- unless you get a fluke like we did (wood on our base was still wet when delivered), it made mildew grow on bottom of our mattress, we didn’t find it until 6mos. Later when we flipped! Didn’t know the wood was not completely dry. The only spot there is mildew is along the bed boards 😦 it is very comfy tho!

  31. Just wanted to make a suggestion for those considering this bed, maybe you can go into a knit shop/yarn store and stand around the section of natural yarn/roving they may have. I am a knitter, and I mean a store that sells real wool yarn, not craft yarn. Hold some of the yarn, rub it on your neck, find out if you are allergic before you buy this bed. Real natural yarn smells like sheep too 🙂

  32. I bought a wool pillow from Savvy Rest a couple of weeks ago and love it. There was no smell to it. It’s also made of loose wool and not batting. So, I could easily take some wool out to customize it. I also just ordered a pillow from the Wool Bed Co. Hopefully I like it. After reading the posts here, I’ll hold off on buying a mattress topper until I get the pillow. I spoke with Susan today. She was nice and answered all my questions. I appreciate reading the comments here. It’s a lot of money to spend for sure!

  33. Sounds like they are buying wool from 3rd party that’s either getting it from China or some other place in USA that’s chemically treating its wool with flame retardants or something worse.
    No excuse for bed smelling like varnish either – AFM Safecoat makes the best zero VOC paints and low VOC clear finishes that can go right over that smelly platform bed.

  34. I just got an new wool mattress from Mercola.com and have been very happy with it. My allergies are better and it seems to have helped my wife with her arthritic hip. Our mattress arrived within a week of ordering it and I very happy with it. I also recommend the all natural wool pillows and comforters from mercola.com

    1. Hello, I am considering a wool mattress for my son and have been looking at all of the reviews. I like that Mercola’s wool bed does have springs. Are you still happy with the mattress and the quality? Thank you in advance for your reply.

      1. Yes, I’m still happy with the quality. I continually say how the customer service there STINKS, but the mattress quality is awesome. I haven’t seen Mercola’s but I don’t think I’d want springs in my wool mattress, hmmm…

      2. We have been so happy we ordered two more for our kids. It is a firmer feel which is great for us but our oldest daughter likes a softer bed. We purchased a wool mattress pad topper from mercola.com and she says it is perfect now. We hope you found a mattress that feels as great as ours from Dr. Mercola!

  35. I wonder if some of the allergy symptoms are that of mildew reactions –? It might be worth a try to do this: (treatment of mildew on wool rugs)

    Add 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake up the mixture and mist it very lightly all over the rug. Allow one side to dry, then turn the rug over and repeat on the other side. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps neutralize mold and mildew.

  36. Hi! Thank you SO
    Much for your review!!! I am interested in a wool bed. Simply can’t decide between The Wool Bed Company and Shepherd’s Dream. They sell different thickness of mattresses and I am still torn between the two. Anyone experience Shepherd’s Dream?
    To the woman who wrote this Blog Post, do you have any regrets with The Wool Bed Company? Would you purchase again?

    1. I don’t have any regrets with the product from Wool Bed Co, we’re still very satisfied with our beds. BUT… I did try and place a second order with Susan, the lady who runs Wool Bed Co, and have just had such a terrible time with her customer service, so I just said ‘forget it.’

      1. She is in over her head. I think she gets more orders than she can manage. The product is decent, but don’t expect to get it anywhere near the timeframe she tells you you’ll have it. We placed our order in august, and didn’t get our bed until December. And that was after reminding her every other week or so that we hadn’t gotten our bed yet.

  37. Hello! I’ve made some comments in the past regarding my purchase from the Wool Bed Co. I am one of the few that actually had an allergic reaction to the wool (never knew I had allergies to wool in the past). I don’t know if anyone would mind me putting this out there, but I know the people writing/viewing this website truly want healthier bedding. I have 2 full size and 1 king size mattress (all 3 are the Surround Ewe Signature 14″ mattress) and they were only used for 3 months and I had them encased the entire time they were used in a very clean, no pet home. I was so allergic, I had to box them up in the original packaging and they are just sitting in my house. If anyone is interested in them, I would be willing to sell them at a heavily discounted price since Susan will not let me return them. If you are interested, please email me: carrieschabel@hotmail.com

  38. I posted a review of my king-size bed and full-size bed here on May 9th, 2013. It’s been almost a year, and I thought I’d give an update. We’re all still finding the beds comfortable. My husband has occasionally grumbled over the months, because the bed doesn’t look like a regular bed (and I’m always getting us to do unconventional things), but even he admits that it’s comfortable for him. He fell asleep recently on our guest bed, which is our old conventional mattress, and had a shoulder ache the next day. That’s when he had to admit that yes, the wool mattress really is better. 🙂

    My daughter (9) LOVES her wool bed. However, I haven’t been able to convince her to sleep in different spots on it, so it has turned into a kind of nest. There’s a noticeable dip in the middle. I haven’t been able to convince her to sleep anywhere other than the middle because she actually prefers the nest effect. I guess it makes her feel very secure! 🙂 Our king-size bed, however, doesn’t have a dip like that. I wouldn’t say it’s level all the way across–it is made out of wool after all–but it doesn’t look like a nest. If you’re sure to sleep on different spots on your bed, it will wear relatively evenly.

    So the verdict is that we’re still happy with our purchase. Our beds are cozy, soft, and comfortable. And on a side note (after reading about other people’s delays), we didn’t have any trouble with customer service and our beds arrived within the expected timeframe.

  39. I just wanted to post with another wool mattress option. I bought mine yesterday from The Futon Store. I’ve only slept on it for one night, so I can’t speak to how it will fare over time, but it was a great nights sleep. I got the one with organic wool surrounding a recycled steel spring core. No flame retardants, all organic wool and cotton cover, all wool was harvested from American sheep and the mattresses are made in San Francisco. With CA tax, the mattress was just under $750 for a queen.

  40. I have seen a lot of comments about the customer service at SurroundEwe.com, and I agree that it is not always consistent — Susan, the woman who runs the company, is a good person. She answered all of my emails and questions when I called. Her Web person made a mistake on the pricing for one of the bundles — the one I called in to order. I said, “this can’t be right – is this right?” She realized the mistake immediately – it was almost 1000 dollars difference – but she honored the price that was printed on the website for my order. She didn’t have to do this. I think she’s awesome – the service is just a bit quirky because she appears to be a solopreneur, which is a long hours, tiring job!

  41. I have had my bed for 3 years now and started getting back pains probably a year after I got it. Now I am stuck with it and sleep horribly. Terrible for your back!!!

  42. I wanted to add my experience. We’ve owned a queen size Surround Ewe mattress and topper for a little over 3 years now. Within a few months, it had developed the trenches, especially on my husband’s side (he is heavier than me and sweats a lot, we’re figuring that’s the difference). Actually his side is almost more like a ramp. We couldn’t really sleep all over the bed because at the time we were co-sleeping with one of our babies. Now that my “baby” is out of the bed, for the last few months one of us has been trying to sleep on the hard “hump” on the middle and been very diligent about flipping the mattress and topper every which way, with NO success is flattening it. We were happy with the bed for the first few months but now we are totally disappointed and are looking into buying a different mattress. We also put our mattress on IKEA slats. We bought organic Naturepedic mattresses for our older kids and those have held up SO much better. We are looking into buying a Naturepedic mattress for ourselves now. Just disappointed we wasted thousands of dollars on this wool bed. 😦

  43. Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I am the new manager here at the Wool Bed Company. I am also the proud grandson of Susan McCourt, the owner of The Wool Bed Company. I wanted to take the time and do some research on customer feedback about our products.

    First and foremost, let me say I really appreciate this for forum where people have the opportunity to share their own personal experiences they have had with our company.

    I enjoyed hearing the positive feedback that so many of you have left about how much you enjoy our products. My grandmother started this company with a vision of making a product that could help people sleep happier and healthier than what the market had to offer, and for the most part I believe we are doing that!

    I am equally interested in hearing the feedback from customers who did not have such a positive experience with us. It’s important to me that we are constantly striving to improve our business: by improving our products and most importantly, the customer experience. What better way to begin this process than reading all of your thoughtful feedback? I will be reviewing all of your postings closely and using them as a starting point to achieve our goal!

    Thank you all again for your thoughts and feedback!



    1. Chris,
      I purchased a wool mattress based on the advertising that this product was made of 100% wool and no chemicals. The new mattress had an odor out of the wrapper. I made a complaint the next day. It was met with denial and the business owner shifted the blame to me for causing the odor.

      After 6 weeks I was given a replacement. This mattress was not of the same loft or consistent height of the original. It also had the same odor of the original but fainter and after sleeping on it for one night, I woke with my eyes matted.

      My 2nd complaint was met with similar blame shifting. My home is in a finished lower level and this was blamed for causing the odor. The owner denied that there was anything in the mattress that could cause allergies.

      After receiving a replacement item of lesser quality, I do not have any faith that this business owner is interested in providing any sort of warranty or customer service and would like a full refund.

      The Better Business Bureau is involved but the facts stated in the replies received from the Wool Bed Company appear to be fantasy.

  44. I have had this bed several years.From the very first day I have had nothing but pain! I spent over $1000 on The bed by adding a latex to the bottom..with no relief..back aches…continue.. And you can’t return this bed…I am waiting to buy something else..again..I wouldn’t recommend..and when it’s humid outside there is a definite odor of lanolin..to the point of making me nauseated.

    1. I have had the same issues. My wool bed for the last 3 years has caused nothing but pain and a lack of sleep. I am getting a new bed! Surroundewe had terrible customer service and I can’t believe the reviews on how wool helps you neck because now I have major back issues and go to a chiropractor. And I put 2 and 2 together….it is the wool bed!!!

  45. I got a bed from them almost 3 years ago. And it took 11 weeks – 5 weeks longer than stated. But my problem is that I have NEVER had so much back pain – and my husband has backpack too. But my back pain is beyond words and it started around 6 month after I got the bed. I have not been able to sleep through the night since I got this bed. Having continual nights of horrible sleep and a bad back is a terrible trade off to the conventional bed! DON’T get a wool bed!!!!! And I agree – HORRIBLE customer service.

    1. Dr. Mercola mattresses have a small inner spring that makes all the difference. It is encased in all natural wool and covered in 100% organic cotton covering. It is hand tufted and designed like a more traditional mattress then the futon beds made by Surroundewe. Plus the are chemical free and emit no odor. They are simply the best mattress I have ever owned. Good look everyone in finding your best nights sleep!

  46. Is anyone happy with the purchase of the wool comforter or the sheet set from the Wool Bed Company? I am looking to purchase from them.

  47. I am feeling absolutely ill reading all these testimonies. I took a risk and bought a queen mattress and the ultimate topper and it too now has a trough and I wake up every day with back pain. I was assured by the owner that this would solve my sleep issues and back pain and that she would guarantee the mattress and topper. After reading all of these I’m not trusting that she will issue a refund as promised. Strange that she is still in business with so many unhappy customers!

  48. Holy Lamb Organics–ALL the way. BEST customer Service, quality products, and a company you can be happy to stand behind. The wool comforter is by far best on market…and they supply other companies like Soaring Heart. Their Mattress Tops and Fleece topper are on all beds in our home–we have been so happy with all the products! Favorite pillow: the wooly down and orthepedic.

    1. Hi Ally, I have read that toppers don’t make a difference. With low back pain I’m concerned. Any additional thoughts or links? If they do work I could just add a latex topper to the wool mattress which is firm but not comfortable enough to sleep on directly. Thx for your reply!

  49. Hello Unconventional Homemaker, it was surprising to hear you had none of the common issues with depressions (troughs) forming. Were you vert diligent about sleeping in slightly different areas of the mattress each night to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

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