Double Stack Bean Burritos

We look forward to burrito night at our house!  There’s endless variations you can do, so make it your own.  I pack my burritos so full that I can barely close it, hence the ginormous picture below.  🙂  I like ’em sloppy!

Instructions:  (Sorry I don’t have specific amounts, I just wing it every time!)

Soak a bowl of Pinto Beans and a separate bowl of Black Beans the day before.

Rinse your soaked beans and cook each pot of beans separately.  I do them each in the pressure cooker separately for about 10 minutes each, but if you don’t have a pressure cooker, cook according to package directions.

Preparing the Black Beans:  Put the cooked beans in the blender with some cumin and plenty of salt and possibly a tad bit of water, if they are too thick to blend.  Blend until you have “refried” beans

Preparing the Pinto Beans:  Add cumin and plenty of salt to the cooked beans, then stir.

You can add any other seasonings you’d like to your beans as well but just cumin and salt do good for us.

Now prepare some Rice, if desired.  I like to cook brown rice then add a little bit of coconut oil, plenty of salt, plenty of fresh chopped cilantro!, and lime juice!

Gather all your desired toppings:  Ranch, Salsa, Flax Seed, Sprouts or Lettuce, Chopped Tomato, Sauteed Onions, Black Olives

Warm your tortilla, then start assembling!  I like to first spread the ranch out on the tortilla, then sprinkle on flax seed, then both beans, then rice, than all my other toppings.  This is quite a filling meal!

If you have too many beans leftover, assemble some extra burritos.  Wrap them tightly then put them in the freezer for lunches at a later date!  A great time saver later on!


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