Tea With Michelle Duggar

Vision Forum Ministries produced a DVD called “Tea With Michelle Duggar.”  Let me tell you, the DVD was a huge encouragement to me, I really enjoyed hearing Mr. & Mrs. Duggar’s hearts.  I’ve seen the first three seasons of their TLC show and had ‘fun’ watching them.  But in this “Tea” DVD, Michelle (and her husband) really opened up.  Here’s some of my favorite things they said in the DVD…

Immediately upon being asked “How do you make a lazy child work hard?” she responded “You praise them for not being lazy.  Give them small things to do and then praise them for being diligent and doing those things.”  I like that before the question was even completely asked, she responded with such great advice!

She and her husband shared their stance on birth control and children.  When people in secular media bombard them with “Why do you have so many children?” they give the typical “We believe children are a blessing from God” answer.  That answer is great, but as they open up and share their own hurtful experience with the birth control pill, it tugs at your heart.  They go on to explain that EACH one of their children is happy that they got a chance at LIFE and they are glad they’re here.  Each one of their children is very special to Jim Bob & Michelle, they are not a burden.  They couldn’t imagine their life without any one of their precious children.  Their children obey and honor their parents and their home is Christ-centered.  For someone in the public eye as much as they are, this is unheard of.  Because of their unique family size, they have gained a lot of popularity but they continue to give God all the glory for their wonderful family.  In our current culture, where too many babies is considered irresponsible, the Duggar’s have shown the world how WONDERFUL it is to have such a large family!

I like another story she shared.  She said that one day she was standing in her laundry room feeling overwhelmed and she remembered what an older, wiser woman told her… Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.  A happy, content, smiling soul doesn’t just happen.  You have to choose to smile, you have to choose to have joy.  So she began singing “The joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength, O the joy of the Lord is my strength.”  (I wish I could give you the video footage so you could see how sweetly she sang those lines.  You’ll have to get the DVD yourself).  🙂

She also shared how they homeschool 19 children.  They memorize Bible verses and they do their Wisdom Booklets each day.  They get done what they can and don’t stress about the rest.  Which, a line like that might scare the pro-public-school crowd, but her children are so well-spoken and smart and genuine.  Even secularists are impressed by the children’s skills and intelligence.  The Duggar’s emphasize teaching their children CHARACTER more so than ABC’s and 123’s.  Not that they don’t teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, they do.  But they make it a priority to teach their children to LOVE others, to be obedient, honest, responsible, diligent, patient, kind, self-controlled, hard-working, and so much more.

Another question she was asked was, “how do you find modest clothes for your whole family?”  She said “thrift stores, we pray, yes we pray, and miraculously God provides.  We also sew when needed.”  My friend/ mentor Sherry has also mentioned things like this before… PRAY even for “small” things like healthy recipes that your family will enjoy!  Who would have thought… pray for clothes and pray for recipes.  That’s great!

She also made me chuckle when she said, “pray while you’re working, pray while you’re driving, you don’t have to have your eyes closed to pray!”  We often think it has to be a formal setting with our eyes closed and head down to pray.  But God still hears us when our eyes are open!  🙂

God has used different resources to change my life and I am forever grateful.  They truly have changed my perspectives and given me wisdom in so many ways.  That’s why I’m such a supporter of READING, you have to read good solid things to form a firm foundation.  Among the numerous resources God has placed in my path, the few that really stick out, are Debi Pearl’s “Created to Be His Help Meet,” Nancy Campbell’s “The Power of Motherhood,” and even something from tv, the Duggar family.  Probably the most personal though is the mentor, wiser woman that God miraculously put in my life… Sherry.  Whew, she has taught me a LOT.  She has shared much wisdom with me, way beyond health topics, which is the reason I started asking her so many questions to begin with!

I hope you find the time to visit some of these worldview-changing resources!


5 thoughts on “Tea With Michelle Duggar

  1. How exciting. I didnt’ know the Duggars had a video like that. May I please borrow yours sometime? Sounds really encouraging.

  2. I LOVE the book by Dr. Suess-I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. It informs & demonstarted that you CAN infact go through life with your eyes shut, but you’ll LEARN & ENJOY SO MUCH MORE by going through life with your EYES WIDE OPEN! So by praying with your eyes open is actually just as wonderful as praying with them closed-even more so for me! I have prayed NUMEROUS times while driving and running. Sometimes it’s the only time I feel like I have because there is so much going on. And just as Sherry is your mentor, I feel like you are mine. I have learned a lot from you! Thanks Sherry for teaching her! Ha, ha, ha!!!

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