Tips for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

I’m a fan of Bragg’s Olive Oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as some other products of Bragg’s.  Recently I received a newsletter from them and it had such great points in there that I wanted to share.

Tips for a healthier, happier, and longer life from Patricia Bragg:
-Fast one day a week, drinking only water and vinegar drink
(unless pregnant or breastfeeding).
-Take 3 Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks daily, also when fasting.
-Eat organic fruits and veggies, etc.
-Take Vitamin C (1,000mg) daily.
-Cut down on stress:  exercise, walk, pray, and listen to music.
-Exercise daily, do deep breathing exercises and practice good posture.
-Don’t skimp on sleep, take naps.
-Burn your bra, wear a chemise.  (Bra wearing is linked to breast cancer)
-Have massages to improve circulation.
-Resolve every morning to live a simple, serene, and sincere life.

Aren’t those great tips?!  I especially like the sleep one, the posture one, massages of course!, walking, and living a simple & sincere life!  Wow, these things can do a lot for our health!

Some other quotes by Patricia Bragg:
“Most modern day Americans are living in the fast lane and are practically committing self-suicide with their unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and shallow breathing.”
“Americans are killing themselves by the millions with their knives, forks, and spoons.  With their two hands, homemakers can prepare either health or sickness for their families!”
“Refined, processed, unhealthy foods should be avoided.  Meats should be avoided or limited to no more than three times a week.”
“Daily exercise is a health essential!  Brisk walking is the king of exercise and 30 to 40 minutes a day does miracles for your body.”

Bragg’s Posture Exercise:
Looking in mirror, stand tall, feet 8″ apart- tighten buttocks, suck in stomach muscles, stretch up chest, shoulders back, chin up slightly, nose plumb-line to belly button.  Swing arms to normalize your posture.  Daily do this often to reconstruct your posture to perfection and for instant youthfulness!

I like how she says to do the posture adjustment many times a day.  We forget about our posture often and doing this several times a day can do a lot for getting us in the habit of having good posture all day long!

I’ll share more about what Patricia Bragg says about Fasting and Apple Cider Vinegar in another post!


One thought on “Tips for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

  1. Soooo want to!!! If only I knew how to make my day longer so there was indeed time to exercise, get enough sleep, and even make more time for daily devotionals!! I so want to but little ones and a job make the “free” time not very free. 😦 I get stressed thinking of how to even fit these such important things into my day. I live tired. 😦 Such a struggle! Great great points though!!

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