This is my raw salsa… rawlsa!  What other way could you possibly eat 4lbs of raw tomatoes, a raw onion, raw garlic, and other raw stuff in one or two days?!  Grab yourself a bag of organic tortilla chips, grab the family, and sit around and veg out on this!  The health benefits of eating raw foods like this are amazing!

I did not put exact amounts below, because I have never measured them.  Just throw in more of what your family likes, less of what they don’t, and it’ll be your own version.

-Chopped Tomato (roma is what I use for this recipe)
-Chopped Onion
-Chopped Garlic (not powder folks, real garlic cloves, mmm…)
-A Capful of ACV  (I recommend Bragg’s RAW Apple Cider Vinegar.  Unless it says raw on it, you’re buying a processed brand).
-A Little Fresh Lemon Juice  (in my opinion, only fresh will do, squeeze your own lemon!)
-Chopped Cilantro  (again, buy fresh and raw!)
-Chopped Anaheim Pepper  (If you like things spicy, throw in some jalapeno also; if you like things mild, just take it easy on the anaheim).
-Plenty of Sea Salt
-A Little Honey (local, raw, unfiltered)

-I slightly blend up half of my mixture in the blender.  Leave the other half in chopped pieces to make a chow chow relish texture when combined.

Eat up!


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