Dr. Renee Tocco on Vaccines

I know, I know, vaccines are a very controversial subject.  I just wanted to take a moment to direct you to Dr. Renee Tocco’s new blog.  She’s a holistic chiropractor that specializes in childhood illnesses/ diseases.  She has MOUNDS of research concerning vaccines and is a great source for anyone wanting to see the other side.  And I absolutely commend her for being such a strong voice in a war that seems lost.  She is not afraid to take a stand.  She has solid, firm research that she presents in a well-educated manner.  I even heard her speak the other day at the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) “Advisory Committee Meeting on Immunization Practices.”  She was definitely unwelcome, but she spoke strong, clear, and concise.  She has a new DVD out titled “The Explosion of Childhood Illness Explained” and her mother, who has been doing vaccine research for over 30 years, has a DVD out titled “Are Vaccines Safe?”

My purpose of this post is not to stir up controversy.  So take it easy on me, no hate mail please!  I simply hope that her blog is informative for you.  I hope that before you or your children receive any more vaccines, that you will feel confident having done your own personal research on the topic.

Her Blog:


Mary Tocco:  (from an online video)  This year’s flu vaccine is the same vaccine for Shaqueal O’Neal as it is for a little baby.  It is not measured proportionate to body size.  The EPA safe aluminum limit is 30 micrograms, the Hep B vaccine given at the hospital for newborns has 225 micrograms!!

The Weston Price Foundation also has an excellent article on parents’ informed consent here.


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