Healthier Hand Washing

Liquid soap isn’t cheap, and most brands aren’t great for your skin either.   Here’s an alternative…

Keep a bar of Dr. Bronner’s bar soap at each of your sinks.  Then when it’s handwashing time, just swipe the bar soap with your hand and wash.  Not only does this use less soap (saving you money), it’s also not exposing you to as many harmful ingredients you may otherwise be using.  For all the products I buy, I like to check out  This site rates home and beauty products on a 0-10 scale telling you whether or not they are bad for you.  Go ahead, check out some of your regular products, you’ll probably be very surprised.  Dr. Bronner’s bar soap gets a 1 out of 10!  Ladies, check out your makeup, lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc on this site!!

If you don’t already own a bar soap holder, look into getting a cheap travel one from the dollar section at department stores.  Since these little plastic holders close shut, that’s actually two soap holders in one!  Feel free to put some holes in the bottom of it if water builds up from splashing- my hubby drilled three little holes through each of ours.

I used to use liquid soap in my bathrooms for handwashing, and even though I diluted it with water, we probably went through a $3.50 bottle of the “natural” liquid soap probably every month.  Hmm, the bar that’s currently in my most- used bathroom was $2.49, is about 60% used, and has been in there for probably over 4 months!

Remember, most every single thing that’s applied to your skin gets absorbed.  And absorbing gunk into your bloodstream isn’t a good thing.  I like this quote I heard once… “you should only use products that you’d be willing to eat, if you had to.”  Although eating Dr. Bronner’s bar soap would definitely not be appetizing, I could if I had to.  I’m holding a bar of the Citrus Orange scent right now and the ingredient list is simple, short, and natural!

Side Note:  I’m not advertising for this soap company, I just like to share a good product when I find one.  We use this particular soap for bathing as well.


4 thoughts on “Healthier Hand Washing

  1. Have you researched about how all the antibiotic soaps are actually causing more problems than helping and that plain ol’ soap does the job just fine? I am also experimenting with using castile soap to make homemade shampoo. I don’t quite have it yet but I am enjoying working on it. This way I know for sure what is in my shampoo. 🙂

    God Bless,

    1. Yes, antibiotic soaps, although very well marketed and highly used, create many problems. I try to never use an antibacterial soap, ever. You’re on to something- homemade shampoo’s and soaps are really becoming the way to go. We can hardly trust big manufacturers to make us safe products anymore. Besides, it makes you feel good that you know what’s in your product and that you did it all by yourself! Fun!

  2. Hi,

    I have a question…have you found a good recipe for hand lotion? I usually like to just use some aloe vera but would like to have other options. Any ideas would be great!

    God Bless,

    1. Well, you probably already do/ have done this, but I just put oil in a little squirt bottle and use that for my moisturizer/ lotion. Olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. I really like it so I haven’t even had the desire to actually try and make a homemade ‘lotion.’ The oil alone has met all of our moisturizing needs! My little ones especially love being massaged with it!

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