Snack Time, Nibble Time

Okay, this is one of the cutest ideas!  Pick 8-12 bite-size snacks and arrange them in an empty ice cube tray and present the tray to your toddler as a special treat!  They will just eat it up (in more ways than one)!  The nice thing about this is that you can sneak in a couple healthy things your toddler wouldn’t normally eat with other little bits that you know they like.  My little guy thinks this is so much fun!

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

Little Apple Slivers/ Orange Slices
Pickle Slices (healthy pickles of course!)
Little Sliver of a Date (we like medjol dates)
A Thin Carrot Stick
Sunflower Seeds
A Berry or Two (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, sliced strawberry)
An Olive (black or green or other kind)
A Pretzel
A Few Garbanzo Beans (a nice snacky bean!)
Sliver of Banana

It’s so fun they’ll probably ask for a refill!


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