Homemade Deodorant

This is by far the #1 most requested thing others ask me for… how to make homemade deodorant!

According to Ty Bollinger in the book “Cancer:  Step Outside the Box,” one of the causes of breast cancer is deodorant.  Conventional (and even “natural”) deodorant contains a lot of parabens and other toxic ingredients.  When applied directly near the mammary glands (the armpits), it is absorbed into the blood stream near the breast tissue.  Not only that but women who shave their armpits have a lot of tiny knicks in their skin making the deodorant absorption even worse.  And to make matters even worse, usually the deodorant is applied every single day, and that can really add up after 30 years of deodorant usage!  He also points out in the book that preventing your body from sweating (anti-perspirants) prevents your body from getting RID of toxins and these toxins get reabsorbed into the lymph nodes instead of being excreted out of the body.  Sweat it out!

Try this homemade deo, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!  Here’s the recipe…


2 Tbsp Baking Soda

2 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder

Olive Oil- enough to bring mixture to deodorant-like consistency (maybe about 2 Tbsp as well) (I used to use coconut oil which is great for it’s antibacterial properties, but because coconut is a semi-solid, it doesn’t always store well.  For example, the deodorant is really hard when it’s cold (the coconut oil is solid) and it’s very ‘melty’ when it’s warm (the coconut oil turns to liquid)).

Then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or you can leave unscented).  I like putting in a few drops of either orange or peppermint.  Mmmm, it smells yummy!  (Some people react to peppermint essential oil under their armpit, although it’s my favorite!)

To apply, you can use your finger tips and then rinse off your hands (the way I do it).  Or a friend recently gave me a new suggestion… apply it with a tongue depressor (or a thick popsicle stick or craft stick) or a little kitchen spatula, you get the idea.  Keep the tool close by your deodorant container permanently for easy application.  Rub it in well.

A lot of people ask… does homemade deodorant really work?  Well, for me, this recipe is hands-down the BEST deodorant I’ve ever used in my whole life!  Since I was a teenager, it has always been noticeable if I ever forget to put on deodorant, I sweat a lot!  When I use this deodorant, I never smell!  And I’ve been using this recipe for probably 3 years now.

Arrowroot Shopping Tip:  We have a little health food store in our area that sells a 1lb bag of arrowroot for $5.  That one bag will last you a long time!  You can also use arrowroot as a cornstarch substitute or thickener in the kitchen!  Some places charge way too much for arrowroot so shop around for a good deal.


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